Biotechnology for waste water treatment

research-for-industrial-biotechnology-supported I Dr.UBA again After the last time We have presented articles. Trend of wastewater treatment in 2556 to today , we will talk about the subject of leadership . Biotechnology is used to treat wastewater well in modern biotechnology. Was used as a more environmentally friendly technologies . (Environmentally Sound Technology (EST)) in a variety of applications related to. Decontamination and environmental problems, many use new and includes a section related to water treatment, waste treatment (including plastic biodegradable ) , mining , bio , Agricultura (creating plants that can. withstand the worst weather conditions ) . biotechnology-etfs Currently, the primary reason for the use of biotechnology is to clean or treat pollution. One of the first to use it is. Cleaning or water treatment. Followed by clean air or other gases. Biotechnology is a key part of the main requirements for wastewater treatment. Due to the biological treatment of wastewater can cope with a wide variety of situations. More effective water treatment, chemical or physical , especially suitable for treating wastewater containing organic compounds are in fact Biotechnology was first used in wastewater treatment for more than 100 years since then . come Aerobic and anaerobic treatment process has been evolved . Anaerobic treatment technology has become a substrate for waste treatment . Healing was easy to moderate And for the treatment of toxic and difficult as well. The anaerobic process is most effective in the treatment of . Wastes containing organic components , such as the high rate of food processing wastewater , sewage sludge or animal waste from the process . In the last 10 years, the anaerobic treatment process . System has replaced the air increased in the range of use. Wastewater treatment by anaerobic process is easier . Gas consists of combustion gases (methane ) and is capable of healing with the current rate of more than 80 % of biotechnology . Was used Removal of nitrates , phosphates, heavy metals , toxic substances widely used. istock_000018316374xxxlarge_702x468 The main aim of treatment is to reduce organic compounds only. Today, the treatment of industrial pollution has become a major priority. Which will lead to the development of biological processes for the removal of specific pollutants. These specific Sustainable future

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