Research to improve the waste treatment system

celebrate_00_clip_image002_0000 Of the research group has studied and developed continuously. It has a deep understanding of the subject of therapy. As well as having long experience in commissioning. Apart from providing a design. And a new system Research groups have different knowledge . Care personnel to existing treatment system . Including counseling to resolve system problems have already invested . But the work is not Which of the past . Research Group has provided technology transfer. And counseling to improve and fix the sewage system problems for more than 20 factories, food factories making these treatments more effective . Reduce the cost of therapy. And in many cases Also a by-product in the form of energy. The following example • consulting the wastewater treatment plant, dried fruit compote . The plant has a waste volume of 400-450 cubic meters of wastewater per day, the amount of organic matter in the form of COD up to 12,000 milligrams per liter. And the sulfate 850-1000 milligrams per liter. The original treatment plant ponds are open seven wells of the traditional open-pond treatment system and wastewater with high COD and sulfate . The factory faced with the smell dramatically. To modify the existing pond . Work effectively Researchers have proposed to improve the system . By inserting nylon ( medium ) into the pond . To increase the number of microorganisms Including a cover gas storage wells to happen. Into generators to produce electricity. The cost of the improvement is 4 million baht (excluding generators ) of the system . The amount of COD reduced from 12,000 mg per liter to 3,000 mg per liter. ( Percent efficiency 75%), the pH increased from 4 to 6.8 (from acid to near neutral conditions ) and reduce the chemicals used in wastewater treatment systems for up to Baht 300,000 per month saving electricity per month. the 300,000 baht , representing savings of more than 7.2 million baht per year. • Improving the performance of wastewater treatment plant starch. Cassava starch manufacturing plant The wastewater anaerobically 6,000 cubic meters already . The system is effective in removing organic matter , but when the system to 80 percent longer, the company found that the amount of the biogas is reduced. And waste money on a system increases. Researchers are trying to learn the information system of the plant . To identify the root cause and corrective action system . Found that the problem Caused by sludge out of the system too. Thus improving sludge trap . Including loopback sludge . To maintain the effectiveness of the system. Training staff in the factory Provide insight into the sewage system . Result of improved systems and personnel training . Reduces the loss of sludge to be up to 40 percent cost reduction in the use of sodium hydroxide per month 200,000 Baht and COD removal efficiency increased. • Improving the performance of wastewater treatment plants drink. Company 's wastewater treatment aeration . The cost to feed air to the system annually . The company is experimenting with anaerobic wastewater treatment systems . But not as successful as hoped. Due to the problem of odors interfere community. And system performance is not good enough . Researchers are training to staff and improve anaerobic wastewater treatment to work effectively . Of operations that Allows the system to effectively treat 80 percent organic ingredients can produce about 3,000 cubic meters of biogas per day . Reducing odor levels. And power bills in the initial months of not less than 160,000 baht.

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